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Skiing4all is really nice
We can ski and play on ice
Horses, swimming, snow
My sister is now skiing with us all

Mara J., aged 14, sister of our participant with ASD

Hi Anna, i just thought to let you know that i have had a good holiday, i bring some news to you, i have come 1st in the super giant slalom after 2 poor runs in the giant slalom [at the Special Olympics British Ski Championships in Pila, Italy – note from Skiing4all] thank you for all your hard work paid off in the end, hope to catch up with you soon,
with love your old mate

Elanor S., aged 22, with Asperger Syndrome (2012)

hi Anna, really looking forward to seeing you all this year, simply one off the best things so far thank you sorry about the noise in the back ground, thanks a lot see next month, from your old mate

Elanor S., aged 21, with Asperger Syndrome (2011)

Before: Hi Anna. Nice to speak with you earlier.... I have been looking at your web site... You clearly have a lot of success with people with behaviour issues & cognitive disabilities... I went to the NSCD in Winter Park, Colorado, last year- they came with a big reputation, but for me failed to deliver.. They do an amazing job with the kids there, but most of them had quite severe disabilities & were content to get down the mountain in any fashion... That's not really my remit. I have achieved a lot in a short space of time & want to continue... I felt they were unable to give me any direction as far as teaching goes, be that down to skill level or not been able to raise the bar... Do you think you have anything to offer me... I look forward to hearing from you..

Anna C., aged 40, with cerebral palsy (first email, 2011)

After: Hi Anna & Peter, I thank you both for your patience & dedication, we came a long way from the day I arrived to 4 days later. I would love to see photos from Peter, he was quite brilliant at skiing backwards in hand. Give my love to Peter, hope all is well with him, let me know. Love xxx

Anna C., aged 40, with cerebral palsy (second email, 2011)

dear anna, i miss u, james

James C., aged 15, with DS (2011)

Dear Anna, it has been a great week for me, thank you. Want to say that a good time I had. The disk that you gave is really good, it has been played to my friends. You have been a very good mate to me, like skiing with an old friend. Missing you so much. Lots of love to you and Peter. See you next year.

Elanor S., aged 20, with Asperger Syndrome (2010)

Hi Anna, I had great fun skiing with you, thank you.

Donal B., aged 10, with Asperger Syndrome (2009)
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