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Program Benefits

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Skiing4all helps families enjoy their active holiday together while attending to the individual needs of all the family members. Parents and carers are able to benefit from some well-deserved time to themselves, while their loved ones enjoy the fantastic outdoor activities with us. The activities become not only a source of fun and pride but also means for therapeutic change. After the day’s excitement, the families can enjoy some quality time together, reinforcing their loved ones’ achievements.

Our programs help children, teenagers and adults with learning difficulties:

  • improve their communication skills
  • develop social skills and positively influence social interaction
  • improve authentic expression
  • increase self-confidence
  • enhance self-esteem
  • sharpen concentration
  • increase creativity
  • deepen understanding of personal needs
  • strengthen motivation
  • discover new possibilities and overcome personal limits
  • increase independence
  • experience and accept nature in its various forms, and facilitate contact with different natural materials
  • develop the psychomotor components, especially the space-time orientation
  • increase fitness levels and promote exercise and mobility, while improving strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and coordination
Our Sponsors
Brucker Bundesstrasse 104
5700 Zell am See
tel: +43 664 582 2130
email: info@skiing4all.com
Sunday to Thursday
10.00 – 15.00 CET time
(11.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. UK time)