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Why choose Skiing4all?

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Here are great reasons:

1. Psychologist on site

All our program participants benefit from skiing on a one-to-one basis with an instructor overseen by a professional British psychologist on site. This is a very different practice from that at the increasing number of disabled skiing associations and schools opening up lately, primarily in the North American resorts. Those organisations offer skiing for persons with a wide range of disabilities, primarily of physical nature. To the best of our knowledge, none of them specialises exclusively in the learning difficulties as we do. They do not employ psychologists who are particularly suited to work with skiers with special educational needs since work with persons with learning difficulties requires a well-structured approach, which is much more easily applied by qualified psychologists and therapists.

At Skiing4all, you can also rest assured that there will always be a personal consultation before any activities begin to establish good relationship and to set flexible goals. We see parents and carers as experts on their children, so we also run joint evaluation sessions at the end of each day of activities to make sure that all our program participants achieve their full potential and gain maximum enjoyment from their time with us.

2. Customised teaching methods and aids

  • We use teaching methods and aids specifically designed for different types of learning difficulties.
  • All our participants enjoy one to one skiing and maximum two to one professional care during the other activities.
  • We offer an optional buddy support, use sensory rooms and safe spaces, as necessary.
  • Our visual aids include PECS, timetables, social stories and reward charts.
  • Depending on the individual needs, we use various types of tethers attached to the skis and ski connectors. We pride ourselves in our own teaching methods developed throughout the years of experience, which bring about maximum results in a fun and safe environment.

3. Quality time for all the family

Time and time again we hear from parents and carers that nowhere else is the skiing and care experience so well choreographed as it is at Skiing4all. Our program participants enjoy continuous care with their assigned main carer, and receive clear visual timetable detailing activities planned for each day. We also welcome siblings and friends of our main participants so that they can enjoy happy times together. In the meantime, parents and carers can attend to their own needs, which we see as very important too! With the full professional support, parents and carers are able to take their the time to unwind, and with everything taken care of throughout the day, they can really enjoy an uninterrupted full day of skiing!

4. Excellent value for money

Skiing4all offers extremely competitive prices for the specialist one-to-one skiing, outdoor activities and care for persons with learning difficulties, considering that one hour of one-to-one skiing at a regular ski school now costs over 75€ without the skipass or skiing equipment hire included in the price!

At Skiing4all we include many essential extras and free activities

  • Ski pass for Zell am See-Kaprun
  • All skiing equipment hire: skis, boots, poles, helmet, high-visibility vest & extra safety equipment (with optional ski clothing hire at a small charge)
  • Sledging / tobogganing
  • Snow-shoeing
  • Trip up the mountain by various lifts
  • Horse riding lesson
  • Collie dog therapy session
  • Winter playground or Nordic walk
  • Indoor wall climbing (bouldering)
  • Music, Movement and Dance sessions NEW!!!
  • Various other indoor sports, games and workshops
  • Diploma, medal and souvenir

5. A little extra help for parents and carers. We go a long way to make sure that your holiday is as hassle-free as possible. This is why we include the following:

  • Personal “Meet and greet” service in Zell am See
  • 24-hour Emergency Helpine in the resort
  • Your evenings out made easy: baby-sitting at your accommodation or an evening swimming club option for all our program participants and all other members of your party
  • Professional advice at the booking stage on all the aspects of your family holiday, including travel, accommodation and ski lessons for the rest of the family
  • Professional and friendly support on site throughout your holiday

6. Fun and memories

  • All our program participants have an option of taking part in the free Award Ceremony, during which they receive diplomas, medals and souvenirs! All family members and friends are welcome to join us for a drink!
  • Our Guests can now download all the photos and videos taken throughout the week from our online cloud storage (at a nominal charge).

7. Location, location, location

And finally, don't forget that Zell am See is one the most fabulous family resorts in Austria! This charming medieval town with a spectacular setting by the lake and an endless array of activities on offer is an ideal choice both for winter and summer. Add to this an easy access from the UK and Ireland, and you’ve got a perfect holiday destination!

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Brucker Bundesstrasse 104
5700 Zell am See
tel: +43 664 582 2130
email: info@skiing4all.com
Sunday to Thursday
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