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Anna Wegner, Skiing4all Managing Director and Founder, has developed an adventure therapy program, which combines her experience as a psychologist with her passion for outdoor sport activities. This unique combination has helped her create an exclusive program for people with special developmental, emotional and educational needs - all in a natural setting. Anna brings with her love of the outdoor world and the passion to include the whole spectrum of life in the therapeutic process. She values ecology, nature and the outdoors as psychological aids.

Skiing4all integrates clinical and theoretical work in the therapeutic process with disciplines such as adventure therapy, eco-psychology and wilderness skills training. Our work has become a tool to facilitate vital changes and personal development of our participants with learning difficulties.

At Skiing4all we recognise that persons with learning difficulties have the same basic needs in their growth and development as anyone else:

  • Need for affection and security
  • Need for appreciation and positive reinforcement
  • Need for responsibility and independence
  • Need for self-confidence

Positive psychology

We apply the science and wisdom of positive psychology to improve psychological well-being, increase creativity, enhance learning and contribute to an upward and outward spiral of positive emotion and happiness in our participants. This results in their improved well-being and emotional resilience.

Focusing on ability and individual needs

We understand that while our program participants can be described as having general learning difficulties, most of them have also strong points in the learning process. We also understand, that they do have particular, individual needs, and that their difficulties might prevent them from participating in the regular outdoor activities. This is why any of our educational acts must be specific, differentiated and adapted to the individual needs.

Practicing outdoor sports or skiing with a person with special needs is different because it requires an accompanying person's presence, who takes their responsibility. If the type of given assistance is professional and personalised, a number of therapeutic benefits can be achieved. The participation in physical education, sports or leisure activities allows persons with learning difficulties experience some original life situations and obtain an increased degree of autonomy, while giving them access to new cultural activities, favouring their social integration.

This is why skiing, in addition to its recreational capacity, can become a process by which individual and collective cognitive, affective, moral, professional and social behaviours are acquired and developed. The support and the thorough understanding, which persons with learning difficulties receive during the sport activity, play a significant role in their educational progress.

Skiing4all is celebrating the difference rather than thinking in terms of ‘curing’.

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