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Our methods

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Skiing4all teaching frameworks

  • Incorporating the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy
  • Working within SPELL and TEACCH frameworks

Completely individual program

At Skiing4all we always design a completely individual program for each participant. This personal skiing and activity program is implemented and evaluated for each participant based on their specific learning needs.

We use an intensive, enjoyable and interactive approach designed first to teach basic skills and encourage motivation, then to build on existing pre-requisite skills to learn more advanced skills. Any challenging aspects of learning to ski, for instance, are broken down into small, achievable steps, and are then taught in a systematic and consistent way. All the participants’ achievements are carefully reinforced on a regular basis.

Decisions about the most appropriate strategies are regularly discussed with parents and carers, whom we see as experts on their children. Our daily sessions are followed by the evaluation of:

  • What went right
  • What can be improved
  • How the participant responded
  • What can be done differently in the next session

One-to-one professional support

We are able to implement individual programs for each participant thanks to our exclusive one-to-one skiing sessions with highly-trained staff, overseen by a British psychologist on site. For the other high-skill outdoor activities, such as horse-riding or rock-climbing, we use only the most experienced professional coaches and we are always present alongside the third party coaches to ensure the continuity of care for our participants. Our other outdoor and indoor activities are run on a maximum two to one care ratio. In addition, we offer an optional buddy support, which some participants find very helpful.

Teaching aids

We pride ourselves in our own instruction methods developed throughout the years. We use teaching aids specifically designed for different types of learning difficulties:

  • Visual aids: PECS, timetables, social stories and reward charts
  • For skiing: various types of tethers attached to the skis and ski connectors (depending on the individual needs and skiing ability)
  • Sensory rooms
  • Safe spaces

Muscle memory in skiing

At Skiing4all, we believe that everyone can learn and enjoy skiing. Through special techniques, it is possible to automate certain movements to construct a "muscle memory". This means that the student does not have to be in a position to follow clear directions. We value visual aids and for non-verbal skiers, we use our specially-adapted "PECS on the Slopes" system.


We place the emphasis on:

  • Visual aids
  • Clarity and demonstration accuracy
  • Enthusiasm
  • Flexibility
  • Task-orientation
  • Opportunity for practicing
  • Simple rules execution
  • Permanent encouraging and reinforcing of the successful performances
  • Programming of a reduced volume of actions, structures and exercises

Fun and play

We never forget that holiday is about FUN, so we deliver it in plentiful amounts to all our participants: children, teenagers and adults alike! When working with children, we teach skiing and other skills through play and never underestimate its importance.

Visit our Gallery to see what we mean!

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